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Grand Theft Auto V

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GTA V Android (Which is also known as GTA 5) is now released for android version lately. Rockstar Games have now finally made a decision to make android version of the game as phones are getting better and their hardware are also powerful. GTA 5 for android will also allow user to gain more experience the very same game that gamer played once in their devices like play station and personal computer (PC). You ever played GTA V then its just simple you can login GTA V Android using the same username of GTA V. This is the latest feature that is added to the game to make it easir to play on android devices. "Every people are more engaged into their mobile devices more than other consoles as it is portable and they can play the game anytime they want. There are more mobile devices gamers than PC and playstation or X box combined. So rockstar games felt more essential to develop a mobile version of the game." Said Rockstar Games Team. THe best thing about GTA V android is that you can play the game anywhere you like and anywhere you want. It's easy to carry the game in your pocket.

GTA 5 mobile and GTA V android has now additionally got a new feature totally different than the other version of the console. It tracks the gps system and GPS and accelerometer to advance the gameplay features. You can now use your phonhe or tilt the gameplay on your phone to drive any vehicles and to play the game. There are more features, clothes, cars, ammunations, weapons. New ammunation are also added in the game like multiple guns, missiles and bullet packs launcher has been added to the game. The Mobile version of the game also includes all the maps and missions and addition to extra other missions. You can do gym, driving, hunting, scuba diving, games, golf and other different activities like you can do in real life.


Grand Theft Auto 5 for Android

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Now You Can Download GTA V for smartphone and android to play GTA 5 anywhere you like , on the cafe, while travelling or while you are home alone or with your friends on school or college or in playgrounds. Some features are a bit different than other versions of the game. You get to see people walking , running and driving like you see in real life and they seem to be like real people. They can be spotted anywhere on park, streets or in the club or GTA town. The map is quite bigger and advance than any other Grand Theft Auto versions which is approx 27.5 square miles. Grand Theft Auto V has in total the file size of 30 GB on other devices. But in fact 30 GB is not very possible on latest android devices so Rockstar Games made a decision to compress the game into smaller size. Finally Grand Theft Auto 5 was made to be about 4.2 GB including apk file and SD data of the game.

One of the best fact about playing game on an android phone is that there is no fixed button. The gameplay and the button will change in accordance to your requirement which helps to save up file size and you dont have to twice think about the buttons. Now you will also be able to customize the character's appearance according to your choice by buying them in shops or purchase them in the game. All the vehicles can now be customized or repaired when needed. There are different towns , street and places shown on map where you can find out to customize. If you do stuffs like crime then you can see a indicator which shows the rating of the crime that you have done. When indicator beeps to shows 5-star, helicopters, tanks, jeep and plane will chase you to arrest.


gta 5 for android

GTA V android You have to now download the game by clicking the button given in the site. Then, You also can copy the enitre file into your android or ios phone. If you are using ios devices, you can use itunes to sync the game into your phone. Then, you have to open the game from your phone. You also can now go to file manager to install it. After few minutes of time, the game will be automatically shown in your phone with an icon. Now open GTA V Android or GTA V ios and complete the verification process that you can complete in short time and its totally free. Once the verification is completed the game will start automatically. So, Its time for you to download now? Download GTA 5 for android.

How to download and install GTA 5 on your mobile?

installation tips
  • Download GTA V apk file just by clicking the download button in the image given below.
  • Download the game from your mobile devices (suggested).
  • Copy GTA5.apk file into your mobile devices.
  • After that you have to open file, You will get message saying "You have to verify your mobile devices"
  • Click on settings.
  • Allow the app to install on your phone.
  • It will take some time to install the game.
  • You will see the image of GTA V icon on your mobile device.
  • Open the game, it will download the data and now you can play the game.

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